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Back to school trends?

So, school is gunna start soon :] Whats in for clothing? .. Links to pictures would be great. I’m 13 years old going into 8th grade. Btw: i dont do abercrombie, aero, or hollisterr!!! There is no Forever21 In my area, and i cannot shop online. Ive checked beforeee*

TeamViewer and Trend Micro Tracking?

My dad installed some stupid crap that might track what I’m doing. Do either one of these programs track my web history? Do either one of these programs track my web history when I’m on InPrivate (for Int. Explorer) or Incognito (for Chrome)? Thanks for the help guys!

Why does this happen on my web?

I am creating a website on but whenever i go to add a content or a blog or anything. it wont let me type anything! Why does this happen. everything is fine except for this and this is a big part of it i would say! i have tried hitting refresh hundreds of times!

Today’s Web Trends: Is George Clooney’s scrotum surgery right for you?

This week, Joey deconstructs the popular web trends like George Clooney’s questionable cosmetic surgery, a two-headed kitten, Facebook’s new hashtags, Apple’…

latest trends?

what is the back to school trends this year? for pants? for purse? for shirts? for shoes? accesories? hair? what is “in” for each catagory? [pictures would make me happy!]

Today’s Web Trends: Mean Lady Writes Halloween Letter to Obese Kids

Joey dissects the mean letter from one North Dakota woman to obese trick-or-treaters this Halloween. Clothing by Jackie Z Style Co…

Whats a trend away chip virus?

I keep getting this message when i switch my PC on, i tried running symantec, spybot ad-ware and also i have to log off and on 4 or 5 times to connect to the net and for it to respond, ive disabled virus checker on bios as i was told but still same thing happening, […]

Today’s Web Trends: Tropical Storm Dorian hits the Virgin Islands

This week, Joey examines Tropical Storm Dorian’s path, Anthony Weiner’s alias Carlos Danger, the Royal Baby George Alexander Louis, accidental selfies, and m…

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