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Can you think of the name of this preschool learning philosophy?

My four year old’s preschool is “learning through play” focused, with no attention to printing letters or learning to read. The main idea is, the children do directed play at centers, and the centers are fine-motor skills, pretend play, housekeeping, puzzles, painting/playdough, trucks and cars, etc. Some of the parents are complaining that their son […]

How does a person perform a financial trend analysis using 5 years of financial statements?

Writing a paper on the financial analysis using a large company’s financial statements from 1999-2003 and would like to perform a trend analysis, but am unable to find clear directions in textbooks or on web. The type of trend analysis I nned to do also has actual number variations from year to year, how do […]

What will be the next popular form or government?

Direct democracy used to be the big thing of ancient city-states, but then monarchy became the favored mode of government during the Middle Ages. Now the majority of nations in the world are republics. So in keeping with this trend, any chance that we will see the world switch from republics to another “fad” form […]

What are things I could write about for my fashion article?

I write the fashion column for my school newspaper. The last 3 issues I wrote 1. Upcoming Trends 2. Question: Do boys care how they dress? 3. Quick and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas Any ideas?

WBAL Web Trends Gadget Friday Monday

Reviewed by John Sanders on February 24, 2008 Original URL –

What is the mechanism of valuation of currencies of different countries?

If the strong economy is the basis than Japanese Yen would have the highest currency value and not the Kwaiti Dinar? There would definately be something other than the economy, can you tell me about that. (either your own understanding or some web link)

What is a good website that eliminates computer viruses for free.?

My laptop is running very slow lately. My home page is changing, My computer freezes. I am lucky to have gotten on the web for this once in about 2 months. I need a good virus removing website. NOT SPAM! Please help me.

Webtrends Engage 2013 – San Francisco – Opening Keynote

Alex Yoder deliver the opening keynote for Webtrends Engage San Francisco 2013.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, The good lord commands all of you do stop global warming what will you do to comply?

I have not real evidence that global warming is real except for what I get off wiki’s that I made and political web sites. None of my science is peer reviewed. So really I have no evidence except for that God send an angel to me to tell me it was real.

Niche Socializer The Perfect Storm of Profit Pulling Web Trends

Niche Socializer They call it Niche Socializer, and the reviews it is getting are amazing. Youll own each site you …

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